The Tuff Chin Cup was designed for wrestlers by wrestlers to increase performance during matches.

Tuff Chin was created to solve the problems with existing chin cups on the market, such as poor fit and frequent slipping off the chin.  Tuff Chin is designed to fit snugly staying firmly on your chin, preventing slippage up over your nose or face, or down onto your neck during a match. As a result, you will not experience choking, cutting off oxygen, head gear coming off, or other problems. The superior design of the Tuff Chin allows you to wrestle at peak performance.

Tuff Chin has features not found on any other chin cup. The chin cup is flexible and molds to your chin, it has a soft rubber insert for a comfortable fit, air holes for breathability and perspiration drainage, it easily fits onto any headstrap, offers increased safety for the athlete, and the design is one size fits all.

  • Non-slipping
  • Molds to custom fit chin
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Fits onto any headgear strap
  • Safety
  • One size fits all

Exterior Chin Cup

wrestling chin cup

Soft Rubber Insert

chin cup insert

Finished System


In Action